Unofficial Participants (national or foreign legal entities, authorized by the Commissioner General of Expo Milano 2015 to participate outside the Sections of Official Participants benefit from procedural facilitations and priority channels.


Do you already have an EORI Code?

Official and Unofficial Participants wishing to carry out customs operations in the EU territory must be identified by an EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) code.

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Exemptions and facilitations for Unofficial participants

The exemptions and facilitations foreseen vary according to the type of goods:

The goods to be sold at EXPO Milano 2015 shall be declared for import and the relevant duties (customs and VAT) paid. All trade-policy, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, as well as any other national measures shall apply to these products.

Goods intended for EXPO Milano 2015 shall benefit from simplifications/facilitations if:

  • the introduction of the goods and the customs formalities are completed directly at Italian customs offices (point of first entry);
  • the goods are presented at a customs office in another EU Member State and transferred under transit procedure to Italy to complete the subsequent formalities at an Italian customs office.

Thus, the goods may not benefit from simplifications/facilitations if the import operations are carried out in another EU Member State.