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Competent directorates in the fight against counterfeiting

In the Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency the activities concerning the fight against counterfeiting are divided among:

  • Customs Directorate
    The AEO, compliance and large enterprises unit receives all national and EU applications, accepts or rejects applications submitted to customs authorities, withdraws and/or amends previous decision of acceptance and extension of action under art. 9 and 14 of Reg. n. 608/2013. This office works as liaison office with the competent customs services des designated by the other Member States for the exchange of information concerning the management of applications for action.

    E-mail contact: dir.dogane.aeo@adm.gov.it
  • Directorate for Anti-fraud and Controls
    The Investigation Office coordinates and manages the fight against national, EU and international infringements to intellectual property, participates in technical project groups for the analysis of specific sectors and carries out the relevant investigations.

    E-mail contact: dir.antifrodecontrolli.investigazioni@adm.gov.it
  • Directorate for organization and digital transformation
    The Office for ICT systems and application cooperation deals with the operational management of the IT system and the interconnection with other systems.

    E-mail contact: dir.organizzazione-digitaltransformation.sistemi@adm.gov.it

For more information on the Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency’s activities, please visit www.adm.gov.it (Customs section).