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10 May 2021

Energy & Alcohol

  • Time limit for submitting data relating to the March accounts of operators running commercial warehouses trading in power and related products in accordance with the provisions of Directorial Determination no. 52047/UD of 11/21/08 art. 2, paragraph 4 and in Circular no. 10/D of 25.03.2009.
  • Time limit for submitting the accounting summary.
    • Ministerial Decree of 12 April 2018, Article 8 entities who submit an application for the storage of energy products at third party tax warehouses. Authorised entities pursuant to Article 3
  • The authorized entity, pursuant to Article 3 of the Ministerial Decree 12 April 2018, to the storage of energy products at third party tax warehouses, must transmit, using the digital services available on the Single Customs Portal (PUD), the summary of the daily quantities of energy products, broken down by type and intend