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16 March 2021

Energy & Alcohol

  • Payment of excise duty on products released for consumption in the previous month (Article 3, paragraph 4, of Legislative Decree no. 504/1995).
  • Payment of the monthly down payment and possible adjustment of the excise duty on electricity, calculated on the basis of the previous year's consumption (Article 56, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree no. 504/1995).


  • Time limit for the payment of single tax on remote skill games including card games organized in the form of a tournament and fixed odds games of chance and card games organized in a form other than a tournament and on remote Bingo for February 2021.
  • Time limit, as specified by Directorial Decree of 10.03.2010, within which to proceed with the annual payment of entertainment tax (ISI in Italian) concerned with mechanical or electromechanical entertainment equipment, according to the procedures set out by the Decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of 2.02. 2009.
  • Time limit for the repayment to the State of expired unclaimed prizes, relevant to February, relating to bets other than horse racing and bets on the simulations of sporting events, by all concessionaires licensed to accept bets on the physical gambling network (Decree of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance 1 March 2006, n.111; Presidential Decree 8 March 2002, n. 66).