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Contacts & assistance

The Agency offices

The Customs and Monopolies Agency makes available many channels for the purposes of receiving information, sending requests and obtaining assistance. On this page, you can find all the information for contacting the Agency.

In case of of difficulty in using the EDI Customs Electronic Service, or in the case of malfunction, please follow the instructions to obtain assistance.

Please check first whether the solution to the problem has already been given on the Assistance website ( in the "How to …" and in the "Consult the FAQs". A free search can also be done with the “Search” function, over the whole website or limited to certain topics.

Invio email
Fast-track Assistance via Web "Contact us via email"

Prenotazione di chiamata It is possible to book a phone call at the desired time "Book a call"

Chiama il numero verde Only where you have not received a timely response from the assistance, contact our Freephone number Contact us – Call the Freephone number
Please be sure to note down the date and the request number supplied.

Sollecito intervento According to the gravity of the problem, where you do not receive an adequate response in a timely fashion, please ask for prompt intervention "Contact us – Prompt intervention request" (citing the original request number).
N.B. after 60 days have elapsed from the assistance request, this will expire. If you still require a response however, it is necessary immediately to request this..

Should the malfunction compromise the user’s activity and no response has been received from the Assistance Service, please send an email to:, indicating in the subject-box “Failure in Assistance Response” and quoting the date and request number, the date and time of the intervention request.

Immagine di un microscopio stilizzato
Customs Chemical Analyis Laboratories
For information on the services offered by the Customs Chemical Analysis Labs, on the services and the possibility of stipulating a frequent user agreement, consult the dedicated are in Laboratories which can be accessed from the About us section . Laboratories and chemical analysis.