Menu di O.T.E.L.L.O. (Online Tax Refund at Exit: Light Lane Optimization)

The procedure

Travelers having invoices issued by retailers having an Italian VAT ID-number and partner to refund companies operating in airports shall go to the refund company’s desk. The refund company sends to O.T.E.L.L.O. - directly or via the airport management company - the VAT refund/relief application containing data identifying the following:

  • retailer
  • invoice
  • traveler
  • plane ticket.

O.T.E.L.L.O. verifies that the data sent are complete and correct, performs automated risk analysis and sends back the unique ID-code associated to the application (application code) as well as the control channel selected:

  • Green (automated control)
  • Red (physical inspection).

In case of green channel, O.T.E.L.L.O. issues the customs validation code (an alphanumeric code generated by O.T.E.L.L.O. and replacing the conalbi stamp) and the refund company reimburses the VAT amount to the traveler while recording the customs validation issued by O.T.E.L.L.O., without further obligations.
In case of red channel, the refund company gives back to the traveler the invoices and the copies of the application codes of the invoices to be checked. The traveler shall then go to the customs office to have the goods physically inspected. The customs officers inspect the goods and:

  • if no irregularities are found, give back the invoice to the traveler, together with a printout of the PDF file issued by O.T.E.L.L.O. bearing the customs validation code. The traveler sends back the invoices according to the instructions given by the refund company
  • If the customs validation code is denied following the inspection outcome, the traveler is not entitled to VAT refund/relief.

By visiting the dedicated section “Online search the traveler can check on-line if the customs validation code has been issued.