ADM, with a directorial decree of 2 January 2007 of the AAMS and, in implementation of the rules contained in Article 1 of the 2006 Finance Law, established new provisions to protect public order, players, minors and gaming operators authorized. In Italy, the gaming regulations uniquely distinguish between prohibited and permitted games; for the former it is absolutely forbidden to offer by anyone and in any form, for the latter the offer is subject to a specific grant, authorization, license or other authorization. In particular, in order to counter the growing phenomena of illegality, such as scams, connected to the online distribution of games with cash prizes, AAMS works for the timely regulation of the sector, in order to favour both the new types of digital entertainment that an effective fight against illegal gaming. Its action is, first of all, aimed at identifying and inhibiting those websites without the required authorizations, an experience that has placed the Administration itself at the forefront in Europe.

For reporting illegal gaming sites: