Since 1994 "Instant Lotteries" have been established, with which the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies wanted to meet the need for a game mode that allows you to know "instantly" the result; to this end, lotteries have been introduced in Italy for which the term "scratch and win" has been coined, which summarizes the dynamics of the game: the buyer feels the exclusive protagonist of his relationship with luck

Instant Lotteries are created by selling coupons on which a combination of numbers or symbols is hidden by means of a special removable paint. The combination is successful if it meets the rules of the game, printed on the same ticket.

Starting from December 2006, AAMS introduced instant lotteries with remote participation (so-called “Digital Lotteries”). Digital Lotteries are considered an absolute novelty for the Italian market, although they are configured, in the game mechanism, as a transposition on the internet of a product already existing on the physical market; the well known Scratch and Win lottery.

The management of instant lotteries, already carried out by the National Lottery Consortium, from 1 October 2010 is carried out by the concessionaire “Lotterie Nazionali S.r.l.”.