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Organs of Governance

The Organs of Governance, led by the Director General, ADM head and legal representative, works toward the correct operation of the Agency, in line with the general principles of organisation and functioning outlined in the Agency’s Statute (see Article 4) and with the corresponding provisions of the Administration Regulation (see Title I).

The Organs of Governance include the Directorate General - the Deputy General Director works alongside the Director General and the respective administrative and legal support services (Technical Secretariat, Regulatory Drafting Office and the Office of the Deputy General Director) – the Directors’ Conference (CdD), the Central Coordination Committee (CCC), the National Coordination Committee (CCT) and the Technical Committee (CT).

The operational dynamics established for the Organs of Governance contained in the (directorial decision no. 126777 of 26 April 2020 - directorial decision no. 235937 of 08 July 2020) drive the valorisation of management practices aimed at achieving results and the responsible adoption and sharing of decisions, where these promote a collegiate consideration of important, strategic questions and which raise awareness regarding the economic and social dimension of management choices.