The Autonomous Service for Interventions in the Agricultural Sector (SAISA), a department structure of a non-general level, performs the following functions within the framework of the rules defined at Union level and within the guidelines established by the Director of the Agency:

  1. in its capacity as Paying Body for EAGF refunds, it handles the formalities relating to the granting of EAGF export refunds and any other Union aid connected with customs operations relating to agricultural products regulated under the Common Agricultural Policy (P.A.C.);
  2. It provides for the administrative and accounting obligations connected with the department of national accounts;
  3. It manages the collection of credits with reference to the amounts disbursed in the context of EU aid regulated under the CAP, as well as mutual assistance in the matter of recovery of credits resulting from duties, excise duties, taxes and other measures pursuant to Council Directive 2010/24/EU. It acts as a national contact point for the application of the same Directive.

SAISA is organised in Units.

Director: Augusto ZUCARO

Address: Via M. Carucci, 71 - 00143 Roma

Telephone:0039 0650246518

E-mail: saisa.organismopagatore@adm.gov.it

PEC: saisa@pec.adm.gov.it