The european Tracking and Tracingsystem, established with Directive no. 2014/40/EU and its implementing acts  makes it possible to "track" and "trace" each unit packet of tobacco product along the entire production chain or until delivery by the wholesaler to retail outlets.

What the legislation provides

The Customs and Monopolies Agency (ID Issuer) issues the unique identification codes that producers must affix to individual packages.
The Customs and Monopolies Agency verifies the regular affixing of a unique identifier on the individual packages of tobacco product placed on the market and the relative routes of the goods, in order to prevent and combat any smuggling and illicit sales phenomena.
After having registered themselves in the system the operators of the supply chain record all the steps of the goods up to the first resale to the public. The Agency makes two services available to operators, both for registration and for the request of unique codes:

  • a digital service called SETT (European System for Tobacco Tracking): Access the reserved area.
  • a System to System service that makes it possible to automate the acquisition, by the Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM), of declarations/requests from appropriately authenticated and authorized economic operators. These services are distinct for Producers  e Distributors  .


From 20 May 2019, cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco produced or imported into the EU must be marked with a unique identifier, while for other tobacco products this obligation starts from 20 May 2024.

Cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco produced or imported into the EU before May 20, 2019, can be released for consumption until May 20, 2020.

Structure of unique identifiers

As required by the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/574, each unit package or aggregate packaging must be identified by a unique code for the entire European tracking system. For more information regarding the codes issued by the Italian ID Issuer (ADM), you can consult the attached document.

Useful information

For information on how to use the SETT system, you can access the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. To support users, the mailbox ( and the toll-free number 800 217213 ddedicated to technicalneeds have been provided.

For any administrative requests, you can use the mailbox.



How can I access the SETT?

Before being able to access, italian operators must enable their CNS (National Service Card) or SPID (Public Digital Identity System) user.
In the case of a foreign operator, not in possession of an Italian tax code, he/she must request access credentials by clicking on the "Reserved Area" link at the top right of the portal pages, ADM tab and click on the area "You are not registered and in possession of an Italian tax code?".
SETT system can be accessed by clicking on the "Reserved Area" link at the top right of the portal pages. Through the SPID, CNS or ADM tabs, you can use your credentials by selecting the link "Log in with SPID", "Log in with CNS" or "ADM" respectively.

What professionals can use the SETT system?

Various professional figures operating in the tobacco sector can access the SETT system, subject to registration and achievement of the profile of economic operator.
LThe professionals who can be accredited to the system are:

- producers
- importers
- on-board supervisors
- distributors
- customs agents
- holders of duty free

I am an economic operator, how can I request a profile?

Once an economic operator has entered the SETT system, he/she must be appointed manager of a company by completing the request under the path: "My profile", "Appointment manager".
Once appointed manager, he/she must request authorizations from the "producer/importer" (TTSTOBACCO MANUFACTURER) or "distributor/on-board provider" (TTSTOBACCO DISTRIBUTOR) profiles present under the path: "My profile", "Request Authorizations", "Available Authorizations".

What are my obligations?

Each economic operator is required to keep records relating to each plant and machinery belonging to it up to date as well as the information of the economic operator. For further details, please refer to the use case  document or to the question "I am an economic operator, how can I request a profile?".

What can I do through the SETT system?

Depending on their professional profile, the user will be enabled for all or part of the following features:

- search for codes or facilities of another economic operator
- request for identification of economic operator
- request for plant identification
- request for identification of machinery
- request for unitary UI identifier
- request for aggregate UI identifier
- cancel a unit UI identifier
- cancel an aggregated UI identifier