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The site was designed and built with particular attention to the aspects of web accessibility in compliance with the recommendations provided by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), by Law No. 4/2004 (Stanca Law) and by Presidential Decree 75/2005 (Implementing regulation).

Accessibility rules provide that information and services offered on web pages are also accessible to persons with disabilities, regardless of operating system, navigation tools, and the settings of your browser.

The main measures adopted:

  • an equivalent text alternative has been provided for every non-text object on a page
  • all information is available even in the absence of the particular colour used
  • frames have not been used
  • the information content and background are clearly distinguishable thanks to a sufficient level of contrast
  • style sheets have been used to control content presentation
  • the destination of each link has been prepared with significant texts
  • change of position commands can also be selected from the keyboard.