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F.A.L.S.T.A.F.F.: Fully Automated Logical SysTem Against Forgery Fraud
In the last few years, counterfeiting has become a phenomenon of huge proportions as it seriously threatens international safety and security, consumer health and economic growth.
Customs authorities are called to counter any possible infringement or abuse of correct rules of free trade (555 KB), having regard at the same time to the ever-pressing need for a smooth trade flow. Therefore, the main goal is to protect legitimate free trade without impeding it.
In such a context, the Project of Fight against Counterfeiting worked out by the Italian Customs Agency is hinged on a Multimedia Data Base of genuine products, which is included in the AIDA Information System (Customs and Excise Integrated Automation) of the Agency.
This Data Base is fed by the rightholders themselves and allows, among others, to compare particulars identifying products suspected of being counterfeited with particulars identifying genuine products.
In brief, any firm/rightholder applying for customs protection generates a form in the Data Base. The form may contain all technical information details identifying each product. Images of the products and a map of their customs routes are also available in the Data Base.
Customs officers can query the Data Base and obtain results in real time. In case of applications for customs action, they can address to experts of trade associations and/or quality certification bodies for the products concerned.
The Data Base also shows the Customs Control Circuit and allows for the definition of further risk profiles giving rise to corresponding actions aimed at protecting trademarks.
The Customs Control Circuit screens, in real time, all import and export declarations submitted to customs and directs them automatically to the relevant control channels matching those risk profiles, which are also established on the basis of parameters quoted on the forms by the rightholders.Implementing this system is the first positive step of the Italian Customs Agency to meet some of the most urgent needs resulting from the first World Congress on the Fight Against Counterfeiting – identifying the highest possible number of counterfeit products and counterfeiting strategies and take the fastest possible action in this respect. These goals can only be achieved through electronic means.