• Reimbursing hauliers: no anomaly in the platform for the uploading of applications
  • Communication concerning the Hauliers’ credit platform
  • Ukraine’s accession to CTC and SAD Conventions as from 1st October 2022
  • Authorization granted to “Lotteria Filantropica Italia”
  • ADM and Guardia Costiera seize in Livorno 200 kilos of imported fish products without the relevant catch certificates

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Special Russian-Ukrainian crisis

In this section, you can find news and information concerning restrictive measures to implement because of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis underway. Such measures determining an impact on the movement of goods, capital and persons.

Special Covid-19

Il contributo dell'Agenzia nel controllo e importazione di materiale sanitario durante l'emergenza Covid 19.
Accedi all'area Emergenza Covid-19


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