Anti-fraud and control activities

ADM adopts risk management and intelligence models so as to prevent and tackle tax evasion and extra-tax offenses related to the traffic of goods and currency, including digital ones, in the supply chains of alcohol, mineral oils, electricity, natural gas, gambling, tobacco and similar products. In addition, it carries out controls and investigations in collaboration with law enforcement authorities and international bodies. Besides, it operates with the authorization of Judicial, tax and European authorities.

Fight against illegal gaming

ADM chairs the “Committee for Prevention and Repression of Illegal Gaming and the Protection of Minors (Co.PRe.G.I.)”, and it plays an active role in the coordination of police forces in joint law enforcement operations nationwide. Moreover, it is a permanent member of the “Sports Betting Information Unit” (UISS) with the aim of safeguarding sports and the related products from collusive match-fixing agreements.

Internationality of ADM

ADM is naturally international. People who work for it are constantly engaged in cross-border missions, including Italian embassies (ADM attaché). ADM works with European and international bodies, EU administrations which share the same area of competence and duties, and, finally, third countries. Moreover, it manages several European programs (e.g. Customs, Fiscalis, Taiex, etc.) and participates in transnationals twinning projects and in cooperation and technical assistance projects.

 Services and customs duties, taxation and excise duties in the energy, alcohol, tobacco and gaming supply chain

ADM is responsible for the assessment and collection of taxes allocated for the state budget. It also collects the European Union's own resources. It manages authorizations, services and concessions related to customs, excise duties and monopolies sectors. Finally, it checks the compliance of administrative and tax obligations by supervised entities and operators.

Fight against counterfeiting

ADM carries out surveillance and repression activities, raises awareness and fight against the counterfeiting of goods. Moreover it provides services and safeguards the «Made in Italy» merchandise mark through actions, collaborations and initiatives aimed at encouraging consumers to be more aware when it comes to buying products.

 Chemical laboratories

ADM is also responsible for the management of state chemical laboratories, which represent fundamental instruments for the safeguard of public health and in anti-fraud activities related to commercial exchanges, supply chains of energy, alcohol and tobacco products.

Management of seized goods

ADM manages goods which have been seized for not being compliant with current customs, excise duty and monopoly provisions, or in the event other administrations or the judicial authority transferred them to it. ADM is also responsible for the administrative procedures related to said goods, including forced sale or transfer to other bodies or administrations. In addition, it is involved in the search, recovery and disposal of boats used by migrants to reach the Italian shores after their release by the judicial authority.

 Digital transformation

ADM is actively re-engineering many procedures falling within its competence and the provision of services to users. Innovation plays a key role in the performance of any kind of control and allows interoperability with institutions and economic operators.