Direct telephone number of Customs Agency , Rome +39 06 50241.

Ufficio Telematico di Relazioni con il Pubblico . The Customs Agency is provided with a Telematic Office of Relations with Public, now in experimental phase, to which it is possible to access by the website home page "Cover" section.
By this service, answers will be furnished to information or explanations applications.

For solving problems connected to the use of the software distributed by the Agency, a software assistance toll-free number is active 800 257 428.

For E.D.I. (Electronic Data Interchange) information, it is to consult the space dedicated to the present matter in home page, "click rapidi” section, or clck on Assistenza on-line - Contatti assistenza (Online Assistance – Contacts).

Besides reports regarding the WEB site management can be sent to the boxes:

To have informations about services offered by Customs Chemical Laboratories consult the space dedicated to Laboratori chimici delle Dogane in home page

To have infomations about E.A.G.F. European Agricoltural Guarantee Funds click on “Click Rapidi”, Restituzioni all'esportazione , or write to the email address