1. Which is the objective to be achieved releasing P2 certificates?

Certificates are released for exportation to the USA of pasta falling under codes CN 1902 1100 and 1902 19.

2. Which are the provisions regulating the release of the above-mentioned certificates?

Reg. 88/2007 dated 12/12/06 repealing Regulation EEC n. 2723/87 and successive amendments.

3. Is P2 certificate compulsory for all types of pasta?

No, it is mandatory only for pasta products falling within  CN 1902 1100 and 1902 19 with destination USA.

4. Which is the procedure to be followed in order to request a P2 certificate?

As of the 2nd of July 2012, in the export declaration one must give indication of the document code “C012” in box 44.7.

5. When is the certificate released?

At the moment of withdrawal of the customs declaration.

6. How is it released?

In paper form, stamped and signed by the Customs Agency.

7. Which are the costs to be borne when releasing P2 certificates?

Certificates are released free of charge.

8. How is the certificate used?

The original and copy n.1 are released to the Economic Operator; Copy n.1 must be produced at the competent customs Authorities in the USA.

9. Does it have an expiry date?

No,  P2 certificates do not have deadlines for their use.

10. In case the certificate in use for an export transaction goes lost, what is the operator supposed to do?

The operator is asked to forward to the Customs Agency the request for a duplicate. Attached to the request one should find copies of the following documents: export declaration and report of loss produced at the competent Authorities.

11. Does the duplicate of P2 certificates have a cost?

No, the release of duplicates is free of charge if it is requested during official openings hours of the customs offices.

12. Is it possible to require amendments to P2 certificates?

Yes, if one asks amendments relating to the item of the declaration which determined the release of the certificate itself.

13. Is it possible to require amendments to P2 certificates?

No,  a new certificate shall be released after giving back copies of the previous certificate, held by the exporter,  thus having no longer validity.

14.Can a P2 certificate be written off?

Yes, when the customs declaration related to a given P2 certificate is cancelled.

15. Should the written-off certificate be destroyed?

No, the certificate must be given back to the Customs Agency.

16. Is it still possible, after the 2nd of July 2012, to use certificates released under circular letter n.21/D dated 10th of November 2009?

No, economic operators holding unused certificates released before the 2nd of July 2012 cannot use them because no longer valid.