Official Participants may import under temporary admission regime (1) goods intended for re-export after the event, in particular:

  • materials to be used for the realization and set-up of exhibition spaces;
  • goods intended to be used for the presentation of products of the Country;
  • goods intended for display or to be the subject of a demonstration;
  • tools, materials and means of transport necessary for the realization of the exhibition space;
  • advertising or demonstration non-consumable material, sound recordings, films, slides, and related equipment used to advertise the products.

Goods under temporary admission regime shall be identifiable to allow their recognition at the time of re-export, therefore the customs declaration for temporary admission shall be accompanied by a detailed list of goods with an indication of the means of identification that shall be used (registration number, serial numbers, photos....).

A customs declaration shall be submitted to place the goods under the temporary admission regime. The declaration shall also serve as authorization.

No deposit shall be required to guarantee the payment of customs duties for goods placed under the temporary admission regime, considering that the Commissioner General of Section shall be the guarantor for any payment.

Goods under temporary admission that are not re-exported shall be definitively imported and the relevant duties paid.

To apply for the temporary admission regime, the ATA carnet may also be used. The goods entering and exiting the territory of the Union accompanied by the carnet shall be presented to the customs office to complete the formalities laid down by the ATA Convention (obtaining the carnet, identifying the goods, certification....).

Please note that the use of the ATA carnet does not ensure logistics/procedural facilitations (priority controls, fast corridor for the delivery of goods to the customs clearance point...), as the ATA Convention does not provide for computerized management of the carnet.


(1) procedure provided for in the Annex to the Paris Convention of 22 November 1928 concerning international exhibitions, which indicates the facilitations provided under the temporary admission regime.