Ambitious targets of the Agency are those of simplifying the relations with the users, to streamline the procedures, to encourage the aware and spontaneous performance of the fiscal obligations, to awaken all the interested subjects on the important role of the customs and the customs policy, to improve the transparency of the administrative action, the communication and the spread of the information.

The Customs Agency intends to develop its own institutional mission of collection of the receipts in jurisdiction, with the smaller possible inconvenience for the commercial operators. Through the efficient operation of the structure, the abatement of the overhead costs, the full use of the available resources, the professional growth of its own collaborators, in the awareness that simpler procedures, clear information, courtesy and professionalism represent the essential tools to improve the relations with the users, to build the image of an organisation really to the service of the citizens, of the demands of the commerce and the orderly carrying out of the traffics.