European Organisations

European Office for the anti-fraud struggle

European Union
The European Community official website

Other International Organisations

World Custom Organisation, authority for the International Customs coordination, founded in 1952. It has the assignment to standardize and to harmonize the formalities within the customs sector. It contains the addresses of every Customs Organizations adherent

World Trade Organisation, founded in 1995, its seat is in Geneva. It establishes the rules to which have to conform the adherent countries regarding the International Trade

Organisation for Economic Cooperation Development. Organisation of discussion among the member Countries for the external trade uniform procedures utilisation

UNECE is a United Nations organisation for the International Trades simplifications. Besides, it establishes the electronic Commerce standards (EDIFACT)

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. International Organisation for the safeguard and the protection of wild fauna and flora species in course of extinction, also within the International trades sphere (Convention of Washington)

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. It provides information and links regarding the legislation that regulates the international trade

International Trade Centre. It is a United Nations Organism, founded by the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), it promotes and it expands the commerce among the adherent countries

World Intellectual Property Organisation. It is responsible for the promotion and protection of the design patents of the copyright

International Air Transport Association. It is an Association among Commercial Airlines, contributes to the safety flights controls and on the services disbursed by the Companies

International Chamber of Commerce. An organization that gathers 63 countries and it has the assignment to promote the commerce and the international investments

Italian Organisations

Ministry of Foreign Trade
It coordinates the promotion of the international trade and the International Commercial policy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
It represents the Italian Nation among the Foreign Countries

Italian Chambers of Commerce
Chambers of Commerce website where you can find information about the activities and the connections with the various national Chambers of Commerce

State Forest Corps
It attends to the national wooded and natural patrimony protection. Besides, it effects controls and certifications in application of the Convention of Washington (CITES)

Ministry of Industry and Trade
It coordinates the industrial policy inside the national territory

ICE National Institute for Foreign Trade
It facilitates, promotes and develops the Italian economic and commercial relations with the foreign countries, with particular regard to the demands of the small and medium-sized undertakings

Ministry of Health
It promotes planning trend activity in Sanitary subject. Definition of the aims to be reached for the improvement in the health of the population and determination of the health care levels to secure to whole of population

Computer Science Authority in General Government. It coordinates, plans and checks the automated information systems development of the Main General Governments

G. M. Taxation and Customs Union
General Management that coordinates the European Customs activities