The four general aims of ADM, which is the competent authority for the Customs, Excise and Monopolies sectors, are:


Promote Italy’s economic growth by facilitating the movement of goods in international trade. - Contribute to the internal taxation and protect the financial interests of both Italy and the European Union by the collection of specific taxes and the fight against tax evasion and fraud, also through its tax and judicial police powers. - Contribute to the safety and health of citizens by controlling goods entering the European Union and tackling crime, which includes smuggling, counterfeiting, money laundering and illicit firearms trafficking, drugs, illegal waste disposal, counterfeited products, food or medicines which do not comply with current legislation. - Supervise, on behalf of the State, the gaming and tobacco sectors and protect the citizen by fighting crime. Indeed, it represents the interests of the Treasury through the collection of taxes. Furthermore, it is also responsible for issuing licenses and regulations.

  ADM carries out the following functions:

  • manages the customs services and supervises the implementation of the Union Customs Code and all the related measures, including the agricultural policy and the common commercial policy in international trade;
  • management of customs duties and internal taxation from international trade;
  • management of excise duties related to the energy and alcohol sectors, including assessment, collection and potential litigation;
  • regulation and supervision of the gaming sector in Italy, constantly checking if concessionaires and operators meet the requirements, tackling illegal gaming as a consequence;
  • management of the different steps which lead to the collection of excise duties in the tobacco sector and verification of manufactured tobacco products’ compliance with national and European legislation;
  • in its matters of competence, prevention and contrast of tax evasion and extra-tax offenses, by the effective use of risk analysis systems and database and by the performance of controls, checks and investigations, in collaboration with other national, local, EU and international authorities and bodies.