The European Council is the EU institution that defines the general political direction and priorities of the European Union. It is in charge of the legislative drafting and coordinates the Member States’ policies, providing guidelines for the common security and foreign policy, manages international agreements and approves the EU budget.

ADM participates in some of the EU Council’s working groups within its matters of competences.

The European Commission contributes to the definition of the EU overall strategy, it is in charge of the legislative drafting and the subsequent implementation and, finally, it manages the budget. ADM collaborates with the Commission through EU working groups, and, in particular, with the Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union (TAXUD). Moreover, ENDs (Seconded National Experts) are appointed among ADM’s officers for the Commission, on the basis of specific experience and qualifications.

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The WCO is an intergovernmental independent body. It aims at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of customs administrations.

ADM, in the capacity of customs authority for Italy, is one of the founding members (20th November 1952) and works with the WCO in the fight against counterfeiting, piracy as well as for the development of global standards for the harmonization and simplification of customs procedures.

NATO is an international institution which have member states both from Europe and Northern America, and they meet for mutual consultation and cooperation in security and defense matters.

ADM supports NATO by simplifying and speeding up the international movement of military materials.

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The EPPO is the independent EU Public Prosecutor’s Office responsible for the investigation and prosecution of the violations against the EU financial interests, such as corruption, money laundering and transnational VAT frauds.

It cooperates with ADM in the investigation into criminal organizations.

OLAF is a body within the European Commission which manages the anti-fraud policies, investigates into frauds against the EU budget, corruption cases and serious misconducts by the European institutions.

ADM cooperates with OLAF in anti-fraud activities so as to protect both the market and the consumers. They tackle frauds at EU level in the excise duties and VAT sectors, but also in the counterfeiting and smuggling of tobacco products.

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UNECE is one of the five regional UN Commissions, which promotes a pan-European economic integration.

ADM participates in the TIR Convention working group (Transport International Routier), an international system of transit applied to the transport of goods.



Over the years, ADM has taken part in several twinning activities with strategic Countries for the Italian trade. It also participated in multilateral cooperation projects with Parties from the Balkan area, proving to be one of the most active Italian public administrations internationally.

Thanks to its renowned experience in capacity building activities, ADM has been asked by the International Monetary Fund to participate in the preparation of technical assistance projects in the field of customs. Moreover, it collaborates with the World Bank and experts from ADM participate in cooperation projects with countries of the Mediterranean Area.