Descrizione del gioco

Virtual bets are bets placed on computer simulated events whose outcome is displayed via animated graphics or by means of a previously recorded real event.

A virtual event can be thought of as a visual representation of the extraction of a pseudo-random number. The odds are assigned by a certified system and are created in such a way that the competitors with a higher probability of being drawn have lower odds and vice versa, considering that the percentage of bookings must be applied to the theoretical winning percentage according to the provisions of the directorial decree 12 February 2013. Players can bet both on a single event (single bet) and on a combination of these (multiple bet); in this case the winning odds are equal to the product of the single odd offered for the results indicated for each event. The basic cost of a bet on virtual events is € 0.50 and the minimum bet amount is € 1.00. Bets cannot be placed that result in a payout exceeding € 10,000.

Bets are accepted in shops and horse and sports corners. Winning receipts must be presented for collection within 90 calendar days from the date of the last betting event. The National Tote, both for collection at physical points and for remote collection, observes the following hours: - opening at 06:00 - closing at 24:00.