Participants benefit from procedural facilitations and priority channels such as:

  • Priority in the handling of goods within the port and airport cycle;
  • Fast corridors for the delivery of goods to the specialized customs clearance point, under construction, located near the site of Expo Milano 2015;
  • Priority in the controls performed for customs and safety & security purposes, as well as by other government authorities involved in the clearance process, benefiting from the simplifications offered by the Custom Single Window (one-stop-shop).

Transport documents

The Bill of Lading and the Air Way Bill (AWB) shall clearly state “EXPO”, so that it can be indicated in the entry summary declaration (ENS) and in the manifest of incoming goods (MMA).

Similarly, if the goods arrive in Italy by road, accompanied by a transit document, "EXPO" shall be stated in the transport document, so that it can be included in the customs declaration.



Entry Summary Declaration (ENS)

Parties submitting an ENS shall specify "EXPO" in field 37.4 ("Marche e numeri dell'imballaggio") of the ENS1 record format to be given priority when security checks are performed in Italy.

This indication shall allow Italian customs offices to identify "EXPO" consignments in the appropriate monitoring panels to give priority in carrying out any checks.

The ENS/ENS1 record format is available on the portal of the Agency.



Manifest of incoming goods (MMA)

The party submitting the MMA shall specify "EXPO" in field 11 "Marca dei colli" of the B record format ("Merce in arrivo") of the MMA. The goods under the Temporary Storage (TC) code (A3) thus generated shall be granted the status of "EXPO consignment" ensuring priority in customs clearance.

Moreover, thanks to this indication, the managers of Containers Terminals and temporary storage warehouses may acknowledge consignments intended for EXPO and their customs status, in order to apply the Port Community procedures provided for the immediate release of goods. To this end, in the framework of the Controllo Gestori TC (Control of TC Managers), the new "SX" status was introduced, corresponding to "released declaration with goods for EXPO Milano 2015".

The relevant record format is available on the portal of the Agency.



Customs Declaration

For a customs declaration to be identified as related to goods intended for "EXPO Milano 2015" and benefit from the applicable facilitations/exemptions, the following conditions shall be met:

  1. Transmission to the STD shall be through the IM message
  2. Field 8, Consignee, shall indicate the EORI code of the:
    • Official Participant
    • Unofficial Participant
  3. Depending on the regime requested in field 37.1, one of the following codes shall be indicated:
    • 40 - import
    • 53 - temporary admission
  4. Field 37.3 shall include one of the following codes:
    • 1EE: Customs facilitations/exemptions for Official Participants (duty- and VAT-exempted imports, temporary admission without guarantee for duties and VAT, priority controls and logistics facilitations);
    • 2ME: Facilitations for Official and Unofficial Participants (priority controls and facilitations). Official Participants shall use this code in place of 1EE for goods not entitled to tax exemptions.

The relevant record format is available on the portal of the Agency.

Customs declarations may be submitted at any Italian customs office.