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The special competition of the Enalotto game called “SiVinceTutto SuperEnalotto” consists of predicting, for each game and regardless of their sequence, the 6 numbers which make up the winning combination, drawn from the same continuous series of numbers, between 1 and 90, by a draw system which ensures that every draw is completely random, tamper-free and is characterised, for each of the numbers to be drawn, by the same probability of being drawn.

The game combination is made up of 12 numbers of which the player predicts the draw.

There are 5 prize categories, “6 points”, are given to the games in which “the prediction of all six numbers drawn is exact. To the second, third, fourth and fifth categories, respectively, five, four, three, and two points are awarded to the games with respectively 5, 4, 3 and 2 exact predictions.

The cost for a single game combination is €5,00.

It is possible to make systemic bets, that is to buy odds on “giocate a caratura” (a type of systemic bets) the minimum cost of which is €5.

Subscription betting is permitted (that is for a predetermined number of future and immediately consecutive games) and by reservation (for an established number of future games, even where these are not consecutive).

In contrast with the “SuperEnalotto”, the “SiVinceTutto SuperEnalotto” prize pool, to which 60% of the of the revenue collection of each game is allocated, is distributed in its entirety to the winners of the various prize categories. Consequently, for each game, where there are no first category winnings, the relative prize pool goes to second, third, fourth and fifth category prize pool; where there are no winnings for first and second categories, the prize pool is divided among the third, fourth and fifth categories and so on. Where there is no win, the whole prize pool is divided among all participants according to the number of combinations played and regardless of the outcome of the prediction made.

In any case, the winning odds relating to the fifth category will be at least equal to the minimum stake (€5).

Prizes of the special SuperEnalotto SiVinceTutto game are subject to a “winnings fee” of 12% on the part of the winnings over €500, pursuant to the provisions on the subject.

The draw for the special game SiVinceTutto SuperEnalotto (dedicated to the 6 winning numbers) takes place one a week (currently, on Wednesdays) at the offices of the Customs and Monopolies Agency in Piazza Mastai 11, Rome.