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Electronic Helpdesk

Such a service, currently in an experimental stage, has been created to answer requests for general information about the application of Customs legislation, excise duties and export refunds.


For enquiries please fill in the form.

You will receive an e-mail answer


However, first of all please look at the FAQ (frequently asked questions), and you will probably get immediately an answer to your question!

Please use this service only for requests regarding the general topics dealt with by the Electronic Helpdesk. For issues concerning local offices please contact the competent Italian Customs Office.


For questions concerning the interpretation of tax legislation, that do not fall within the competence of the Electronic Helpdesk, please refer to the legislation on binding opinions and, if applicable, to the ruling procedure.

For information regarding Customs formalities already performed or to be performed at local Customs Offices (e.g. refunds, controls, tax/duty assessments, etc.) or other specific operative issues, please contact the competent local Customs Office.

For further information please contact the Helpdesk of the Regional Customs Offices.
Click on Contacts for further links to the Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency - Customs Area.